The GlobalAction Allow Delegation feature is accessible to individual Active Directory or Square 9 Users that have an email address associated with their username. (Local users cannot be assigned as Delegates, they must be part of Active Directory.)

Square 9 Users

To accommodate GlobalAction delegation, you can modify the settings for an existing Square 9 User to add an email address

  1. In the GlobalSearch Administration menu, select User Management.
  2. Select the Square 9 User (indicated by the box icon) from the Secured Users & Groups list.
  • Allow Delegation must be used with individual users and not with groups.
  1. In the Square 9 User Administration group, in the Update Email text box, enter the user’s email address.
  2. Click Save.


Update Email for a Square 9 User


Active Directory Users

Windows® Active Directory (AD) Users must have an email attached to their username in the domain.