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Accessing the Batch Manager

Access Batch Manager in one of the following ways:

To access Batch Manger via your web browser:

A.  Use the URL provided by your IT department.

  • The GlobalCapture home page will appear.

B. Click the GlobalCapture Validate (   ) button to go to the Batch Manager.

  • The number of documents waiting for validation will show in a small circle on the Validate button on the GlobalCapture home page to alert you to documents needing user action.

To access Batch Manager from the GlobalSearch web client for GlobalAction

  • On the GlobalSearch toolbar, click Batch Select (stack of hard drives) icon and select a Batch Portal.
  • The Batch Manager interface will appear.
  • In order to use all of the Batch Manager features, make sure that the pop-up blocker feature in your browser is disabled.

To access Batch Manager from the Square 9 GlobalSearch desktop client:

  • On the Workflow tab, in the Workflow Management group, click Batch Manager.
  • If prompted, enter your username and password in the Authentication Required dialog box and click Log In.
  • Select a Batch Portal.




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