1. To activate a Workflow, click to toggle the status to Published.
    1. Workflows may also be published or unpublished using the Published Workflow checkbox in the Save Workflow dialog box.
    2. Unpublishing a Workflow halts the Initiator Node, but not the rest of the Workflow. Documents already in the process at the time it was unpublished will continue through the Workflow.

Test Before Publishing

To test a Workflow before using it on critical business information, it is recommended to first build it in the Unpublished mode, setting the Initiator Node to a Search associated with a test Archive. Next set the Workflow to Publish, using the test Archive. Once it is fully tested, then change the Initiator Node Settings to the actual production Archive.

It is advisable to avoid deleting a Workflow while it is processing documents. This could lock the documents in in a Workflow error.

Wait Node, Initiator Node Frequency, and time-related Process Fields begin their timed action as soon as the Workflow is published.