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InsertPage Method

Inserts a file page to the process at a specific index.

public void InsertPage(string path, int index);

Classes: Document


string path

Path pointing to the page to insert into the process.

int index

The zero-based index at which the page should be inserted.


The following example demonstrates inserting a page at the beginning of a mult-page document.

Process.Document.InsertPage(@"C:\Documents\newpage.pdf", 0);


Throws an InvalidOperationException if called on a GlobalAction process.

Throws an IndexOutOfRangeException if the target index is too large for the document.

This method only supports adding single page files. If you wish to insert multiple pages, please separate the document into single page files through other means before adding them using this method or the AddPage method.

You can only add PDF and TIF/TIFF files to a process document. Additionally, you can only add a file to a document if it matches the extension of the existing document. For example, it is not supported to add a TIF file to a PDF document.

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