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Post Form Submission

From a GlobalCapture workflow, trigger a a new form submission. User can choose what fields from a workflow get sent into specific form components. Documents from a capture process can also be attached to the submission.

Customers will need enough form licenses to support whatever supplemental processes are required when using this node.

Use cases revolve around scenarios where one form driven workflow process needs to start another.

  • Consider a scenario where one workflow needs to send a document into a different workflow. This node could facilitate such a flow.

  • Use this node to create new GlobalForms users that are not GlobalCapture users. A form process can drive a workflow that triggers user creation.

  • A valid GlobalForms instance is required. Provide the address, with no trailing slash, in the GlobalForms URL field.

  • Form Name should represent the Path property as noted in the GlobalForms designer.

  • User and Password are used to notate a user that has permissions to create a new submission of the form identified above.

  • As of Version 1.1, an owner can be specified in the Add creator field. This is the Name of a user who submission will be created on behalf of, as if the user submitted it themselves.

  • Process fields can be mapped to API keys, load the new submission with pre-populated data. A components API Key is found on the API tab of the component’s settings and is case sensitive.









Adding ability to set the new submissions owner.

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