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PDF Separate

Inject on-demand page separation into a process using the o2 method.

When GlobalCapture needs to perform page level operations, multi-page documents are always split into single page files. This allows for multi-threaded page level processing to improve overall performance and throughput, among other benefits. Using this node, the workflow designer can control when separation happens, and uses specific functions to improve handling of certain types of problem PDF files.


The node has only a single configuration option.

Enabling Remove unused resources is recommended. This option can significantly impact document size during separation functions depending on how the PDF files being processed were created.


This node is generally not necessary unless specific PDF files being processed prove problematic. If PDF’s are having output or processing problems, using this node will usually correct them. Insert the node into a workflow before any processing steps that might trigger separation. This include image clean-up, PDF conversion, and validation. The safest place for the node would be immediately following the import node.






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