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List Update

Use data from a table field in GlobalCapture to update field lists. This node is commonly used in scenarios where GlobalCapture is being used to keep lists in sync between itself and a 3rd party ERP system.


Users need a complete and up to date list of vendors from Dynamics 365 Business Central we indexing and coding invoices. A GlobalCapture workflow is created that reads the vendor list from Business Central and loads that data into a table field. Once the process contains a table field with data, the List Update node may be used to load or update the data present in the table to a GlobalCapture list of your choosing. The node supports both update and complete overwrite scenarios, so lists can be managed as needed depending on the need.


Before you begin, ensure the workflow includes a reference to a field that is bound to the list you wish to update. The field contains a reference to its source list, so specifying a field identifies what list is being updated. The field itself is not leveraged for and process data in the workflow. Additionally, a table field with at least one column should be present, and controls should exist in the workflow to ensure the table field has data at the point where the List Update node is hit.

  • Field Bound To Update List
    Select the Process Field that is bound to the list you wish to update. The list MUST be bound to the field selected here.

  • Table Field Containing List Values
    Select the table field with the data you wish to use when updating the list. The field may have one or more columns of data. Not all data in the table is required, so if the table is serving multiple purposes, that is okay.

  • Table Column Mapping
    Use field notation to set the values, referencing the columns of the table that should be used to set each list item. You can use multiple columns of the table. For example, if you had a table that included a column “number” and a column “displayName”, this node setting might look like:

    “{p_number} | {p_displayName}”

    Which would be expected to output something like “10029 | Square 9 Softworks, Inc.”.

  • Append To List - No Overwrite
    Enable this option if you want successive updates to be additive. By default, every time the node is hit, the list will be cleared and it’s contents fed from the current processes table data. When appending, duplicates in the list are automatically removed.

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