Occasionally, imports coming from Frevvo forms with a large image attachment will not load the image in the document viewer. You'll see this rendered in the viewer as a blank thumbnail that doesn't load when clicked on. This will accompany some "System out of Memory" errors in the error log. This will most often happen with very large, high DPI images consistent with those taken natively from a mobile phone or tablet and attached to the form via file upload.


The import process will attempt to downscale documents, but will often times not downscale enough. Changes will need to be made to a configuration file to decrease the scale and size of the document output by the PDF conversion that happens on import.


  1. Locate the file "IPSettings.xml" in your server Getsmart directory
  2. Copy and paste the file from Getsmart into Getsmart\CaptureServices\GlobalCapture_[YOUR ENGINE NUMBER]
  3. Open the file in the GlobalCapture folder with Notepad or Notepad++ and adjust the <Scale> attribute. The default is 75. By decreasing this number you can decrease the scale of the document, lowering the file size of the attachment.
  4. You can also adjust the <MaxSize> parameter to stipulate the largest size an attachment can be scaled to, measured in KB. The default is 1000. Further tweaking this can compress your file attachment to make it smaller
  5. Save your IPSettings.xml file and restart your GlobalCapture service.
  6. Try resubmitting a form with a large image attachment to see if the imported file now has the visible thumbnail and page in the viewer.