As of 01/01/21 Square 9 no longer supports Frevvo Forms.
Please contact Frevvo support,
If you would like to upgrade to Global Forms 10, contact your reseller or regional sales manager.

For more information about GlobalForms 10. Please check this link.
GlobalForms 10

You may also request a demonstration of Global Forms 10.

Moving to a newer version of Frevvo Forms for GlobalSearch is usually a pretty quick affair. IT typically involves unzipping new Frevvo files and overwriting old ones, but in some instances (such as Frevvo forms 7.3) an installer may need to be run.

Step-by-step guide

Depending on your version of Forms, you may either run to an installer or just unpack the update and overwrite files in your Frevvo directory

  1. From Major Releases to Major Releases (IE - v5 to v6, or v6 to v7) you'll need a full re-installation
  2. From Major Release to Minor Update (IE - v6.2 to v6.3) you'll simply update the Frevvo forms Directory.

To Update the Directory

  1. Get your Frevvo Forms update media
  2. Back up your entire Frevvo Forms Directory and store it somewhere safe
  3. Stop the Frevvo/GlobalForms service using the stop-globalforms.bat file in the Frevvo directory. Ensuret he service has stopped in services.msc
  4. Unzip your Frevvo Forms update media to the Frevvo Forms directory and overwrite all files
  5. Restore Server.xml, Frevvo.xml and Configuration.xml from your backup to their respective directories:
    1. Server.xml - C:\GlobalFroms\Tomcat\Conf
    2. Frevvo.xml - C:\GlobalFroms\Tomcat\Conf\Catalina\localhost
    3. Configuration.xml - C:\GlobalForms\dbconfig
  6. Start your Frevvo Forms service through services.msc
  7. Navigate to your Forms website and clear all cached data from your web browser
  8. Your GlobalForms version on the Login Page should now show the expected version

To Do a Full Reinstallation