As of 01/01/21 Square 9 no longer supports Frevvo Forms.
Please contact Frevvo support,
If you would like to upgrade to Global Forms 10, contact your reseller or regional sales manager.

For more information about GlobalForms 10. Please check this link.
GlobalForms 10

You may also request a demonstration of Global Forms 10.


Frevvo forms may occasionally need a full restart to decache any licenses or to perform a complete operational recycling. Frevvo suggests that the forms service should be fully restarted once a month, gracefully. While a simple restart can be done through the services.msc snap-in, this does not fully shut down the Tomcat webserver. Successive restarts in this way may result in "stuck" licenses or strange performance or operational issues from within the web application itself. In these instances, or as a preventative measure, a graceful restart of the service may be necessary.


How to do a full "Graceful" restart of the Frevvo Forms service

  1. Navigate to your Frevvo Forms directory
    1. This is typically in C:\GlobalForms[version #]
  2. Find the "StopGlobalForms.bat" file and right click and run as an administrator
  3. A console window will pop up - this window may exist for a fraction of a second or a couple seconds.
  4. Once the console window closes out, navigate to the servicesmsc snap in and locate your GlobalForms/Frevvo Forms service and Start the service
    1. If you are on GF 7+ you will also want to restart the ssInsight service as well
  5. Once the reboot of the service is done, there will be some downtime between the starting of the service and the web server becoming functional. Visiting your forms site may take a couple minutes to load. This is normal.

Batch Script for Graceful Restart

Below is a batch script that can be used to automate this process on a scheduled task. You can run this script on demand as well. Please ensure the script is run as a local administrator on the forms server. If your user does not have local administrator permissions, it will not run.

Please be aware the script will require some user input depending on the location and version of your GlobalForms.

goto check_Permissions
ECHO Administrative permissions required. Detecting permissions...
net session >nul 2>&1
if %errorLevel% == 0 (
    echo Success: Administrative permissions confirmed.
) else (
    echo Failure: Current permissions inadequate.
CD [Your forms directory here - usually something like C:\GlobalForms7]
ECHO Restarting GlobalForms Service...
NET START [Your GlobalForms Service Name]
ECHO Service Successfully Restarted - Terminating