Out of the box, cloud customers are assigned a unique, company specific sub-domain to access a GlobalSearch environment. All cloud customers share a common domain name, but your administrator can update the subdomain to your company’s requirements.

To modify your sub-domain, access your environment's Cloud Dashboard and login with your tenant administrator account.


Click the Configuration menu and complete the Domain Change Request.

Provide your sub-domain of choice into the Requested URL field. The change request form will ensure only valid, url-safe names may be provided here. It will also ensure that the sub-domain is not already in use.

If your selected sub-domain is accepted, a green check will display and the Submit button will be enabled. Click Submit to make the change. The DNS records will update within 60 seconds.

Sub-domains can only be changed one time through the change request form. If your company experiences a name change event and needs to update a previously renamed environment, contact Square 9’s support team for assistance.

When a sub-domain is updated, the originally deployed domain name will remain functional and accessible. In some environments, there may be times where the originally provisioned sub-domain presents itself, for example, when links to documents are sent via GlobalAction.