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Rebuild Content Index

Content searching can be enabled when an Archive is created, or at a later time. Be aware that enabling Content Search on an existing Archive (especially Archives with high document counts) and subsequently running a rebuild can put increased load on the server and cause a backlog scenario for new documents queued for Content Indexing across the installation. Rebuilding the Index is not needed as part of regular maintenance. Support may request you run a Content Index Rebuild if you have documents that are not being found with a Content Search.

  1. To rebuild the Index, on the GlobalSearch toolbar, in the Administration menu, select Administration.

  2. In the vertical Administration menu, select Archives. A list of the Archives will appear.

  3. Click  the More Options (
    ) icon for the selected Archive.

  4. Click Rebuild Index.

Document Count

This feature only updates the last 1,000 documents added to an archive. If you need options for updating larger recordsets, contact support.

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