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Multi-Archive Searching

By default, a Search looks at the documents in the selected Archive. To search multiple Archives in a database, select one or more additional Archives in the Search Properties list. While you can add Archives to search, you can only search on Fields that are part of the initial Archive. This is important if you’re creating a Multi-Archive Search on a parent Archive and want to search all the child Archives – the Search Fields in child Archives need to be part of parent Archive. When planning for a Multi-Archive Search, it is a good idea to configure all Archives first and then create the Search.

  1. To create a Search that runs on more than one Archive, create or edit a Search and click Advanced.

  2. In the Search Properties group, select one or more additional Archives from the list.

  3. Click Save.

When you run a multi archive search in the GlobalSearch Web client you can access the results from other archives by clicking on the archive name

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