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Manage Registration

Registration options allow administrators to see currently licensed features, register demonstration (unregistered) versions of the software with production serial numbers, or add features to an existing production installation with a re-registration process.

  1. To configure registration settings, in the Administration menu, select Administration.

  2. In the vertical Administration menu, select System.

  3. Click the Expand (down arrow) icon on the Registration bar.

  4. To register a new installation or re-register an existing one to add features, enter the registration serial number in the Serial Number text box.  You should have received this serial number from Square 9's fulfillment team.

    1. If you did not have an internet connection to perform the web registration or if requested by Support, click Manual Registration and enter the number provided by Square 9.

  5. To see a list of the Square 9 features enabled by your license, click Features. To hide the list, click the Close Features (X) icon.

  6. Click View License Agreement to go to the End User License Agreement (EULA) page on the website to review the license agreement.

  7. Click Activate.


Activate new features in GlobalSearch

  1. To activate new features in GlobalSearch go to the registration area and click Activate. 

    This calls out to our registration severs and activates your new features for GlobalSearch.

  2. You will then see Registration Successful.


3. You can click on features to see your new features. If you purchased new user licenses go to the license manager section to see your new license count.

  1. If you purchased new licenses for GlobalCapture you need to activate those licenses in the GlobalCapture admin menu. GlobalCapture feature activation.

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