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GlobalSearch's web client supports the setup and configuration of additional languages.


Beginning with version 4.1, GlobalSearch supports language localization. By default, there are English, French, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Dutch language packs available, but it is possible to add your own translation files. When GlobalSearch loads, it checks the "Square9Web/languages" directory on the server for language configuration files. Each language must be added to the languageMap.json file. Each language also needs its own translation file in the same directory. Below this section, there is a listing of every entry that needs to be translated. Some of these entries are only necessary if certain features are enabled, but we suggest translating all of them if possible(Many keys are re-used in GlobalSearch, like "Save" and "Cancel", and it is very possible that a key from one section will, in the future, be used for another section as well).

A sample language file for the current version of GlobalSearch can be found here. Copy this file or it's contents to a file name based on your language of choice, for example Swedish.json.

Walkthough: How to create a Swedish translation of GlobalSearch

  1. Navigate to the SmartSearch Server and navigate to where the language files are. They are located in {server's web directory}\Square9Web\languages. (Ex: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Square9Web\languages). Notice there are already language files here for supported translations, as well as a "languageMap.json" file.
  2. Save a copy of the English.json file, but rename it Swedish.json.
  3. Open the 'languageMap.json' file. It's contents should look something like this: "LanguageKeys" : ["English", "Romanian"]
  4. Add Swedish to this list. Now the contents of 'languageMap.json' should look like this: "LanguageKeys" : ["English", "Romanian", "Swedish"]
  5. Write translations into the Swedish.json file. For every word or phrase that needs to be translated, there is a key/value pair in this file. The key(left-hand side, in capital letters) should not be altered. The value(right-hand side) is what should be translated.

    Before: "MESSAGE_THANK_YOU" : "Thank you for using GlobalSearch."
    After: "MESSAGE_THANK_YOU" : "Tack för att du använder GlobalSearch"
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