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GlobalSync allows for secure document storage in Amazon Web Services.  It allows you to harness the security, search, and automation of GlobalSearch together with the reliability and mobility of Amazon S3 cloud services. This cloud-based storage solution give you:

  • Redundant data storage across physical devices and multiple data centers
  • Easy recovery of files from destructive actions
  • Standing encryption of document files
  • Lifecycle policies to enforce document retention rules at the file system level
  • Worry free, off-site document storage without the need to maintain file system backups of images

Customers looking to leverage GlobalSync will need an AWS account.  Square 9 does not provide or provision the AWS services unless you are a GlobalSearch C2 customer.

Before deploying GlobalSync, GlobalSearch should already be installed, and the AWS Configuration should be complete.

Mongo Connections

As of version, GlobalSync now supports user authentication to MongoDB.  Auth is specific in the mongo.xml file, found in GlobalSync's running directory.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

Note: Auth settings would be provided in the urlvalue entry in the form mongodb://user:password@server

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