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Create Table Fields

Table Fields in GlobalSearch are a collection of regular Index Fields that are grouped together and presented to the user in table form.  Create the Index Fields that will make up a table first, then create the Table Field by selecting from the list of available Index Fields. Fields can be added to or removed from Table Fields as needed.

  1. To bind individual Fields to create the table, on the Field Catalog toolbar, click Table Fields.

  2. Click the Add (
    ) button.

  3. Enter a name for the Field in the Table Field Name text box.

  4. Click the Add (+) button to the left of the Index Fields in the Available Fields list to add them to the Included Fields list.

  5. Repeat step five to add additional Fields.

  6. Click the Delete (-) button to move a Field back to the Available Fields list.

  7. Click Save to add the Table Field to the Field Catalog.

Table Fields for Money

If data on the document includes dollar signs, the Field in the table should be the Character data type, not Numeric or Decimal, as those data types cannot address the dollar sign ($) when in a Table Field the way it can when it’s just a regular Archive Field.

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