The GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials community can easily introduce process automation of their installation through the addition of GlobalAction.  We have created prepackaged workflows that quickly add efficencies to common business problems. These workflows can be downloaded for use across the entire Business Essentials database. 

By using GlobalAction you can begin leveraging the benefit of capture automation and data extraction almost immediately.  Consult the documentation on Transporting Workflows to learn just how easy importing one or all of these workflows can be.

Version Warning

Please note that the workflows documented here assume a GlobalCapture version of 2.2 or greater.  These workflows will not work on versions below 2.2.

Download the Workflows

The workflows are available from Square 9's solution delivery network in the Business Essentials section:

To install to your environment, expand Business Essentials and download the workflow of internet.  For help importing a workflow, refer to the documentation found here.

Available Business Essentials Workflows