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Creating Objects In Dynamics 365

Square 9’s integration with Dynamics supports bi-directional data flows. Not only can you PULL data from Dynamics, you can also PUSH new items into dynamics using the no-code abilities offered by GlobalCapture.

Most, if not all, Dynamics 365 Business Central object support create events. For example, if can automatically create a new vendor after a vendor onboarding and approval process in GlobalCapture. To create objects, provide a Request Body that matches the object’s definition (found in the Dynamics 365 Business Central documentation) in the node’s Request Body text area.

The Business Central documentation is complete and voluminous, but does not do a great job at indicating which fields are required and which are optional. Refer to Square 9’s packaged solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central for examples of creating common objects. Verbose messaging is also returned from the Dynamics APIs which is reported back in the GlobalCapture process history. This can be very helpful when debugging workflows and creating new objects. Some trial and error when building your workflow might be necessary to ensure objects are being created as expected, which is not unexpected for any workflow build.

For example:

    "email":"{p_Vendor Email}",
    "website":"{p_Vendor Website}",
    "taxRegistrationNumber":"{p_Vendor Tax No}"

The above request body might be used to create a new vendor in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Leverage Square 9 Notation to reference process field data. In the example above, process fields are represented between curly braces, and begin with “p_”. Multiple notations for a single field may also be leveraged, for example:

"{p_Company Name}{p_Company DBA}"

This might be used if your business process dictates Vendor display name’s should always include Company Name followed by the Company’s “doing business as” name when one is relevant.

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