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Text Field

A Text Field component is the most basic input element available.  Use it for almost any need where general text input is required.  Using many of the extended properties in the settings panel of a Text Field can make the component fulfill a broad array of data capture needs.  

Masks are supported on text fields.  Use masks to ensure that user entered data matches a predefined format.  A mask format must be satisfied before a form can be submitted with data in the field.  Specify patterns using the following characters to control input:

  • 9 : represents a numeric character
  • a : represents an alphabetic character
  • * : represents any character

As an example, if you wanted to provide a mask for a specific invoice number format, if might look like this: 999.99.9999. In this example, invoice numbers would need to match a 3.2.4 format.

Other components like Date / Time offer extended functionality for specific use cases (in the Date/Time example, date masking).  It's advisable to leverage a use case specific component when one is available.

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