GlobalForms offers a robust security model allowing for very loose or very granular control to forms.  Hire to Retire is no exception and fully embraces the security options afforded by the platform.  For employees, there are a few options.  An organization must decide how users will be secured.  Hire to Retire does not support a mixed mode security model.

  1. Secured access for GlobalCapture users

    This is the default configuration for Hire to Retire.  For users to complete any onboarding forms, they must log in with a user account provisioned in GlobalCapture.  Users can start the data entry process and come back to complete it at a later date.  The platform will preserve the state of previously entered data.

  2. Anonymous access

    Anonymous users can access the Hire to Retire landing page.  When accessed without authentication, the onboard process must be completed from start to finish.  Application state is not preserved in any way.

  3. Self sign up

    By leveraging GlobalCapture's BPM engine, GlobalForms can provision a self sign up process.  In this model, users can complete a web form to sign up for access.  After being approved (or auto approved), users can interact with the platform just like a GlobalCapture user.  Self sign up is the right choice for customers that want security around the onboarding process, but those secured users would not be GlobalCapture Validation or Scan users.