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The Scan component allows users to embed scanning directly into any forms based process.  Using the Fujitsu fi-7300NX scanner, documents can effortlessly be attached to a new or existing web form.  Square 9’s unique integration with the fi-7300NX allows for an integrated scanning process, without any software, driver installation, or browser plugins on the client desktop, making support and administration of the process seamless.  Users can choose from any available scanner on the network, or default options can be set for specific forms or workflows.

Click here for a video demonstration of the Scan component.

The only variable setting for the scan component is the Fujitsu NX Manager's website location.  On the Display tab of the component's settings, provide the address and port for the for the NX Manager API.  Note, if the environment is using SSL, plan to configure an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority.  Self signed certificates can be made to work, but trust issues related to this type of certificate can be complicated to resolve.

Setting Defaults

Defaults can be specified for both the Scanner and the Scan Profile.  Default settings are specified on the Data tab of the component's settings.  You can using more complex logic to set the defaults in the Custom Default Scanner or Custom Default Profile rule editors.  

CORS Support

The Fujitsu PaperStream NX Manager API does not natively support CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing). This can cause connectivity errors to the Fujitsu API's in some environments. Administrators should take note of this, and install the IIS CORS Module on the server hosting Fujitsu's services. With the CORS module installed, enable CORS for the origin of the GlobalForms Server in NX Manager's web API config file (C:\Program Files\Fujitsu\NxManager\Application\NmWebAPI):

CORS Entry

<cors enabled="true" failUnlistedOrigins="true">
	<add origin="*" />
	<add origin="http://<YourGlobalFormsAddress>:<YourGlobalFormsPort>" allowed="true" allowCredentials="true">
			<add method="GET" />
			<add method="POST" />
		<allowHeaders allowAllRequestedHeaders="true" />
			<add header="Set-Cookie" />
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