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GlobalForms supports a concept of user groups, referred to in the product as Roles.  When integrated with Active Directory, GlobalForms and GlobalCapture leverage AD groups and automatically create and secure roles in the workflow process.  It is possible to leverage roles without using AD groups, or in some cases it may make sense to create application specific Roles in addition to other Roles automatically created.

Creating Roles

Adding roles to GlobalForms involves setting up a roles JSON file, and importing it.  A sample file is attached, and contains the following:

Role Creation JSON

  "title": "Export",
  "version": "10.2.0",
  "description": "",
  "name": "export",
  "roles": {
    "customerole1": {
      "title": "Customer Role 1",
      "description": "A role for Administrative Users.",
      "admin": true,
      "default": false
    "customerole2": {
      "title": "Customer Role 2",
      "description": "A role for Authenticated Users.",
      "admin": false,
      "default": false

Adjust the role properties in the file to fit the needs of the application, then use the Import option in GlobalForms to create the new roles.

Adding Users To Roles

Adding users involves a new form, used by the administrator to add specific users to a Role.  The Add User To Role form can be downloaded here.  The form is set to work with a specific Role.  On the actions tab, make sure you open the Action and set the correct role before attempting to add any users.

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