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GlobalForms 10.2.1

GlobalForms 10.2.1 is a maintenance release focused on general usability.  In an ongoing effort to better the overall user experience, 10.2.1 offers numerous areas of improvement and all customers are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.  From improved functionality with Currency, to native support for collapsable Panels, and many more features in between, GlobalForms continues to deliver best of breed web forms capabilities to the Square 9 suite of products.  A detailed list of resolved issues and improvements is outlined below.  For those less technically inclined, know that GlobalForms 10.2.1 provides valuable enhancements that will allow customers to make their web enabled forms better than ever.  

This product release has been rigorously tested by Square 9's in-house quality control teams in our New Haven, CT headquarters.  10.2.1 is the officially shipping product version for new installations effective February 10th, 2020, and all GlobalForms customers (regardless of version) can upgrade to take advantage of the new features immediately.  Contact your Square 9 Authorized Dealer, or Square 9's fulfillment team to get the upgrade today.

Technical Details

Of specific note in this release:

  • Adding submission ID to returnUrl values - Submission ID values may be used to link related forms in a connected process, allow for access to a submission for editing / updating, or for providing a unique "transaction number" to the form submitter.
  • Node Version Update - As of 10.2.1, any current shipping version of Node.JS between 6 and 13 is supported.  
  • External References Removed - As of 10.2.1, GlobalForms no longer has dependencies on publicly accessible resources.  This means GlobalForms can be run in an environment without internet access.

Resolved Issues

Issue IDSummary
9422Install: Add OS requirement check
10776Install: Remove requirement to manually confirm stop of GlobalAction
10845Install: Stop GlobalForms installation if node install fails
9659AD Server roles are included when exporting and importing a form
8629Exported form is incomplete if it contains #, quotes character
9296Hiding a submit button in the buttons script prevents data submission
9443Submission failure notification does not appear if validation fails on resource submission
9550Unable to view uploaded files from View/Edit Submission tab in IE11
9631Cannot clone a component that is a member of a Table layout component
9632Provide means to hide the Table component's top border
10315Submission creation will not take you to set page using form.returnUrl
10564Signature component does not correctly update after changing browser sizing/zoom level
10568Buttons do not submit data if they set the status to a value that makes them hidden
10756Default radio selection is lost after submitting with clearonsubmit
10814SQL data fails to return if data contains an apostrophe
10820Add zero padding to fill Decimal Places setting on the component's Data tab
10821Only 1,000 roles are displayed in the drop-down when editing form access settings
10824Select component filter is not applied after clicking 'Load More...'
10825Typing digits past Decimal Places causes unwanted round up for calculated amount
10829Panel and Field Set Collapsible ON does not allow to hide body if clicking the title
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