Deploying Hire to Retire is a straightforward process, but does require a few manual steps.  We highly recommend you stop and read through these instructions carefully before proceeding with the installation.

  1. Start by logging into to your GlobalForms server and copy the Hire to Retire package files to a local disk.

  2. Log in to your GlobalForms instance as the Administrator user.  Once authenticated, in the menu bar click the Import button.

  3. Select the Hire to Retire forms package, named Square9H2R_[date]_[version].json.  The forms import process may take several minutes to complete.  Once the import dialog closes, refresh the browser to load the newly imported forms.

  4. Open the Resources folder from the zip package.  Copy all contents from this folder to the GlobalForms viewer directory.  The default path is: C:\GlobalForms\client\dist\view.

  5. At this point, it is recommended you stop the setup and create some test data.

    1. Log in to GlobalCapture and create a test user.  If GlobalCapture and GlobalForms are properly configured, creating a new GlobalCapture user will automatically map that user to GlobalForms.

    2. On the GlobalForms Administration page, find the form named "HR Onboarding".  Clicking the View button will open a new tab with the Hire to Retire Landing Page.  Copy the link to this page.

    3. Copy the address of the landing page from the new tab.  This is the link users will use to access the system.

    4. Using a different browser, an "incognito" tab of your existing browser, or after logging out of the GlobalForms Administration page, access the link from step c.  You should be prompted to authenticate.  Log in with the user created in step c.  If you are not prompted to authenticate, your credentials are cached from the previous login as an admin user.  You must either log out, or use a different browser to authenticate as a different user.

    5. With a successful login, you should see the Hire to Retire Landing Page.  Click each of the links to fill out the necessary forms for your installation.  Once all forms are complete, indicated with a check next to each link, you can submit the form package by clicking the Submit All Forms button at the bottom of the page.

  6. The package includes "ready to go" mappings for government documents like the I-9 and W-4.  It is expected that forms that are not standardized government forms will require adding the customer specific pages to the hrOnboarding.pdf file and mapping the form elements to them.  You will need a tool like Adobe Acrobat Professional to add/remove pages from the PDF.  The hrOnboarding.pdf includes the current I-9 and W-4.  To add the mapped PDF to an installation, run the mapping utility (C:\GetSmart\Forms\Square9.GlobalForms.Designer.exe) and click the New button.  Select the hrOnboarding.pdf from the extracted package and click Open.

  7. With the mapping file loaded, click the Form drop down and choose hrOnboarding.

  8. Click Save & Close to copy the preconfigured mapping into your system.  You can now configure any GlobalCapture logic to support your process.  Follow the steps outlined in GlobalCapture Workflow for a basic configuration.