As an optional module to GlobalForms, Hire to Retire is a process driven HR onboarding solution.  It includes a collection of web forms used during Human Resource onboarding, and is pre configured to support a capture process to manage review and filing.  The package includes commonly used forms to collect things like emergency contact and a direct deposit information, in addition to ensuring compliance with more standard government issued documents like the Form I-9 and the Form W-4.

Built specifically for GlobalForms 10 and greater, Hire to Retire is more than a collection of web forms.  It is a comprehensive onboarding solution, allowing employees and HR teams to collaborate in the onboarding process.  By using a modern internet browser to access the Hire to Retire Landing Page, employees can securely complete all forms required by an HR team.  By leveraging a GlobalCapture workflow, an employee's document package flows to the HR team for verification, approval, and filing.

Getting Started

The Hire to Retire forms are ready to use after some basic import and setup steps in existing GlobalForms installation.  After importing the form package and deploying the supporting files to your environment, you can configure a basic GlobalCapture workflow to put the forms in motion.  GlobalForms developers can easily build their own forms and extend the base solution to meet the HR compliance needs of any organization.  Use the links below to learn more about setup and configuration.