GlobalCapture allows you to define a workflow process for HR document intake that can be simple, complex, or anything in between.  The import process starts with an HR Onboarding package completed by the employee.  The forms in the package are already configured to support an Employer review and approval step.  In its most basic form, Hire to Retire requires a single validation node named "Waiting HR".  

To develop a capture process for Hire to Retire, take the following steps.  Before attempting to build the workflow, you will need a form mapped PDF for the process.  Be sure to cover all steps outlined in the Importing Package Forms and Supporting Files page.  The form mapped PDF is added to your GlobalCapture deployment in this step.

  1. On a blank capture design canvas, add an Import Node.  Provide a Title, Frequency, and choose GlobalForms as the Import Type.

  2. Choose the GlobalForms portal where the submissions will be imported from, and choose hrOnboarding for the GlobalForms Mapping.  Click Save to close the Import Node.

  3. Add a Validation Node.  Give the Node a title Waiting HR and select the Actions tab.  Note, the forms are specifically configured to work with a node named "Waiting HR".  The Validation Node must have the correct name for processing to work as expected.

  4. Click the plus icon next to Validation Actions to add a new action.

  5. Give the Action a meaningful title.  In this case, the Action will be used to move HR reviewed documents out of the process, so a Title of Processed or Reviewed might make sense.  Unlike the the Node Title in step 3, the value provided here is not relevant to the workflow process.

  6. Add any users and configure security to the Validate Node as appropriate for the customer's environment.  Remember, for a user to be able to Authenticate to GlobalForms, those users must be added through GlobalCapture's user manager.

  7. Choose GlobalForms Resubmission in System Actions, and click Save to close the Action dialog.

  8. Click Save on the Validate Node settings.

  9. Use an Email Node to send a link for Employer review of the HR package.  The link should resemble the following:!/form/{p_FormID}/submission/{p_SubmissionID}/edit

    The IP Address or FQDN, Port, and Protocol for any installation may vary.  Be sure these parameters match your specific deployment.  {p_FormID} and {p_SubmissionID} are system variables provided by GlobalCapture at runtime when GlobalCapture sends an email message.

  10. Add an End Node to the workflow, then connect the nodes.  Your completed workflow should look similar to the example below.  Save the workflow and be sure to select the Publish Workflow checkbox.

After completing steps 1 through 10, GlobalCapture will be configured to put the Hire to Retire forms into motion.  A sample workflow might look like this:

Email Setup

Remember that any time you publish a workflow with an Email Node, the GlobalCapture environment must be configured for outboud email support. If a mail gateway is not properly configured, any workflow processes will go into an errored state.