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What's New

Connected Canvases

Perhaps the keynote feature being offered in version 3.1, multiple discrete workflows may be connected. Documents processed by one workflow can easily be picked up by another, creating a much more modular and understandable workflow design. Any workflow can pickup from another, and workflows can even ingest documents back into capture processes from GlobalSearch. Use this new feature to create modular workflows that deliver plug and play extensibility.

Click here for details on how to create connected workflow patterns.

Support for QuickBooks Online

One of our most frequent asks for direct integration, QuickBooks Online, is available as of this release. Working off the success of Square 9’s Business Central integration, QBOL is Square 9’s next step in the evolution of capture as a complete iPaaS offering.

Learn more about QuickBooks Online and other ERP integrations here.

Built-In Error Recovery

Error recovery is now a built in component. Previously, Error Recovery was implemented as it’s own node on the design canvas. As of this release, error recovery is built into the import node, and is more robust in it’s operation, offering greater levels of control in the process. To implement improved error recovery, select “Search” as the import type on the Import node and choose Error Importing from the Batch Search drop down.

Click here for documentation on error recovery processing.

Loop Node

While building repeat / looping patterns has always possible in GlobalCapture, doing so adds a level of complexity to the design canvas and requires a bit of advanced design knowledge. We have made the process of repeating patterns much simpler by adding a node to manage repeating operations. Such workflow patterns are helpful when working with line item transactions and table fields, controlling the number of attempts to perform a task, among many other things.

Loop Node documentation may be found here.

Built-In Retention Workflows

For higher volume customers, managing process history must be considered. Others for compliance reasons may want or need to purge or offline history at various intervals. As of this release, workflows may be built specifically to control process history and either purge or move that history. Particularly for cloud customers, this feature allows for higher degrees of customer autonomy when working with your data.

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