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Updating GlobalCapture features in Registration

Guide for updating GlobalCapture features.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open GlobalCapture as an administrator.

  2. Click on the Wrench icon.

  3. Click Registration. 

  4. Click Activate Features under GlobalCapture Station and then GlobalCapture Server. Wait for the load screen to pass.

  5. Your new features are now activated.

  6. If you purchased new license allocations you will need to increase your license allocation counts under Licenses.

  7. If you previously had one Validation license and bought one. You would change your Validation group allocation to two.

  8. Click the three dots, edit. Then change the number in Allocation Count. Click OK.

Cloud Customers - If you have added page count volume to your GlobalCapture environment, the Registration tab will include multiple entries for GlobalCapture Station. You only need to activate the GlobalCapture Server. There should be only one option of this type.

Licenses allocation

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