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Tables / Line Items

TransformAI can support line item extraction for common “table” based data points.

The following fields can be extracted from tables found in your documents. Note that table data is extracted from any number of tables across all pages of your documents.

  • Product Code - Add field PRODUCT_CODE

  • Product Description - Add field ITEM

  • Quantity - Add field QUANTITY

  • Item Price - Add field UNIT_PRICE

  • Extended Amount - Add field PRICE


To leverage table extraction, the workflow should have a Table Field with fields to receive the AI data of interest.

Since the field set for table extraction is finite and less likely to change, the node allows for field mapping. This differs from Header fields, where the process requires specifically named fields that can later be reassigned in the workflow.

Select a table field from the field list:

Note: The field list will show ALL fields attached to the workflow. If you select a field that is not a table field, line item data assignment will be skipped. The process will not end in error.

When a table is selected, an option will be displayed to clear the table before it’s updated from the AI service. Use this option if you wish to ensure a table only contains data from the AI services at the time of retrieval. Leaving this option unchecked will leave any data in the table in tact, and data from the AI services will be appended into the table.

When a table is selected, the field mapping will display in the node configuration:

Default field names are provided in the mapping fields, but can be changed to fit the specific needs of your environment.

Any TAI workflow can be configured to leverage table table. Just be sure the table field is present in your workflow’s process field list:

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