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GlobalCapture Designer Terminology

GlobalCapture uses a set of concepts and terms to describe capture Workflows, with drag-and-drop components to help you visualize your entire Workflow.


The Nodes Pane in the GlobalCapture Designer interface.

Nodes are the individual elements that create the Workflow structure. Drag them from the Nodes Pane onto the Design Canvas in any order you want and position them to create a Workflow. A Node Settings dialog box will appear automatically, ready for your input, each time a Node is dragged to the Canvas. Nodes can be connected with either manual or automatic actions. They can contain a variety of properties and perform Workflow actions such as waiting, moving a document, and alerting a user via email. Conditional Nodes, indicated by their diamond shape, allow you to make decisions in the Workflow.


A GlobalCapture Workflow with Connections and Nodes.

Connections are the links between the different Nodes on the Design Canvas. By linking the Nodes, the Connections create a path for your documents that follow your flow of business information. They are represented by arrows pointing towards the direction of the Workflow process, with labels explaining the action between Nodes. Reposition a Node and the Connection follows. Hover over a Connection and it will change color to further indicate the direction of its flow. An Out arrow turns green and an In arrows turns red. Connections can be either manual or automatic.


A Workflow in the GlobalCapture Designer interface.

Workflows are a combination of steps that collectively represent the processing of a document or business information. Workflows can be saved, published, copied, printed, and revised. Workflow processes may vary from very basic to very complex.

Process Fields

The Process Fields Pane in the GlobalCapture Designer.

Process Fields are where here the identifying information (metadata) about a document is stored in GlobalCapture. They are created in the Field Catalog and then made available in the Designer from the Process Fields Pane.

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