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Data Points

The following invoice / receipt data points can be extracted from documents processed through TAI.

Note that GlobalCapture’s process history will report back fields that are found, but not present in a workflow in the retrieve step.

The following fields can be pulled from documents. As long as the field defined has been added to the workflow, anytime that field is encountered, it will be extracted.

  • Invoice Date - Add field INVOICE_RECEIPT_DATE

  • Invoice Number - Add field INVOICE_RECEIPT_ID

  • Invoice Tax Payer ID - Add field TAX_PAYER_ID

  • Customer Number - Add field CUSTOMER_NUMBER

  • Account Number - Add field ACCOUNT_NUMBER

  • Vendor Name - Add field VENDOR_NAME

  • Vendor Address - Add field VENDOR_ADDRESS

  • Vendor Phone - Add field VENDOR_PHONE

  • Vendor Website - Add field VENDOR_URL

  • Receiver Name - Add field RECEIVER_NAME

  • Receiver Address - Add field RECEIVER_ADDRESS

  • Receiver Phone - Add field RECEIVER_PHONE

  • Order Date - Add field ORDER_DATE

  • Due Date - Add field DUE_DATE

  • Delivery Date - Add field DELIVERY_DATE

  • PO Number - Add field PO_NUMBER

  • Terms - Add field PAYMENT_TERMS

  • Total - Add field TOTAL

  • Amount Due - Add field AMOUNT_DUE

  • Amount Paid - Add field AMOUNT_PAID

  • Subtotal - Add field SUBTOTAL

  • Tax Amount - Add field TAX

  • Service Charge - Add field SERVICE_CHARGE

  • Tip Amount - Add field GRATUITY

  • Prior Balance - Add field PRIOR_BALANCE

  • Discount - Add field DISCOUNT

  • Shipping / Freight Charge - Add field SHIPPING_HANDLING_CHARGE

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