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Automotive Repair Orders

VIN Lists

The workflow breaks extracted VINs into 3 categories:

  1. Validated VINs - This is a multi-value field, containing all VINs that match the first valid VIN extracted.  The first valid VIN extracted by the workflow is presumed to be the VIN of interest for the document.  All additional valid VINs found on any page will be compared with the first VIN and added to this list when there is a match.  It may be considered redundant to store duplicate copies of the VIN, but we find it can be helpful for troubleshooting and debugging to keep all extracted results.

  2. Error VINs - This is a multi-value field, containing all VINs that are considered invalid by calculating the checksum of the 17 character string and comparing it with the checksum character (position 9).  All VINs contain a check digit to help ensure validity.  This is of particular importance when extracting data from scanned pages.  Extracting a 17 character block of text is not enough to ensure the integrity of the data.  By calculating the checksum, there is a high degree of confidence that the VIN is correctly extracted.

  3. Unmatched VINs - This is a multi-value field, containing all VINs that are valid (checksum matches) but that do not match the first extracted VIN.  Values should only ever appear in this list if one document contains multiple VINs.  In our experience with repair orders, this is an unlikely scenario that would normally only occur if a scan operator mixed up the pages of multiple documents. 

User Variables

  • Minimum Validated VINs - This numeric field represents the number of VINs required to extract into the Validated VINs list to consider an automatic pass through and release.  By default, the value is set to 1.  The first Set Process Field node in the workflow allows the administrator to define the value desired for the specific customer scenario.  
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