To release data and documents from your Scan Connector to GlobalCapture, you will need to install the Scan Connector on your GlobalCapture server and register the website to your device.

Before configuration, ensure that:

  • You know the IP address and administrative username and password of the MFP to be configured.

  • The MFP you intend to use with the Scan Connector is a supported Sharp, Konica Minolta, or Xerox branded device.

  • You are using the latest version of GlobalCapture.

  • You have valid GlobalCapture credentials and an available GlobalCapture Scan license.


  1. Download the Scan Connectors package from the fulfillment link received via email.  Double click the downloaded file to unpack the installation files.

  2. Run the setup.exe file from the extracted package.  The default unpack location is C:\SSMedia\Scan Connectors 2.0.

    Installation requires that GlobalCapture version or higher is installed.   The version is checked via the Version string entry in  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Square9\GlobalCaptureServer.   If the target server has GlobalSearch installed, it must also be of a current production version.

  3. The installation package will walk you through the basic welcome and license acceptance.

  4. After accepting the license terms, the installer will prompt for connection details, where information about the device, where it is located, and how we will authenticate should be provided.

    • Single indicates the Username and Password provided below will be used every time the connector is used from the device.

    • Manual indicates that the user will be prompted for Username and Password every time the user opens the connector.  The Username, Password, and Confirm fields will be hidden when Manual is selected.

  5. After installing the Connector, the Square9ScanConnector website is created. The GlobalCapture Scan Connector is designed to support Xerox, Konica Minolta, and Sharp brand devices. In order to access the website on one of these network connected MFPs, it must first be registered. Follow the registration steps for your specific manufacturer.