After the GlobalCapture Scan Connector is installed and registered on a device, there may be some additional configuration users wish to perform.

After a default installation, you can access the Scan Connector website in two ways:

  1. From a web browser located on the same machine it was installed on, via the url http://localhost/Square9ScanConnector/

  2. From the single scanner device selected during installation and registered from the vendor specific registration section.

The GlobalCapture Scan Connector is designed to serve as a single host for multiple different scanners on a network. In order to change existing scanner configuration, or connect additional MFPs to the Scan Connector website, you must edit the configuration file.

Editing The Scanner Configuration File

Navigate to the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Square9ScanConnector\ directory and open the file scanners.json using a text editor of your choice.  This file contains a list of all the scanners that are configured to work with the GlobalCapture Scan Connector website.  A scanner entry will resemble the following:

Scanner JSON

    "Name": "Localhost",
    "IpAddress": "localhost",
    "Vendor": "konica", 
    "Credentials": "", 
    "DefaultWorkflow": ""

IP Address

The “IpAddress” property corresponds to the associated scanner’s IP address on the local network.


The “Vendor” property corresponds to the associated scanner’s manufacturer. The available options are as follows:

  1. “konica”, for Konica Minolta devices.

  2. “xerox”, for Xerox devices.

  3. “sharp”, for Sharp devices that support the HTML Browser n2.0.

  4. “sharp35”, for Sharp brand MFPs that support only the HTML Browser 3.5.


If the “Credentials” property is left blank, users will always be prompted for login credentials in the app itself. Static login credentials can be set by a system administrator using a base 64 encoded string of the following format: username:password

Default Workflow

The “DefaultWorkflow” property is an optional setting that, when set, will preselect a specific workflow in the dropdown list of the website. This property should be set by a system administrator, using a Workflow ID from the Capture mongo database.

Adding Scanners

As previously mentioned, the Scan Connector can be configured to serve a website to any number of different scanners on a network. These additional scanners must be added manually to the scanners.json file. Simply duplicate the second entry in the JSON array and alter the properties inside the new object with the corresponding information for the scanner you wish to add. Be sure to maintain proper JSON syntax when adding scanners in this way, such as comma separations for array objects and full enclosures of quotes and brackets.

Editing Web.Config

The Connector's web.config contains a number of settings, and can be used to enable logging for troubleshooting purposes.

Web.Config appSettings

    <add key="Square9Api" value="http://localhost/gsportal"/>
    <add key="CaptureApi" value="http://localhost/Square9CaptureAPI"/>
    <add key="Logging" value="false"/>

The “Logging” key value can be set to “true” or “false”. Logging will create and log information to a Log.txt file in the root website directory.