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Tracking Document Activity

With the appropriate permissions, you may view the history of the document as it is acted upon, either manually or through a Workflow. Document History is available at the Archive level for tracking activity on the complete contents of an Archive or at the Document level which allows you to select one more records to track.

The Archive History panel shows the history of all documents in an Archive, with each action taken displayed as an entry in the list. The entries are presented in one or more pages, sorted from most recent changes to oldest. If you have more than one page of results, use the page carousel at the bottom of the Archive History pane to navigate through the results. Each entity in the list displays an action icon, the username of the person who performed the action, the date/time that the action was performed, and the Document ID number. If you need to need to focus on only certain types of actions, you can click the icon for one or more entities to toggle the filter on or off for that type of action. These are contextual; each action type has its own icon.

GSW Search Results Grid Archive History Menu v45.png

For more information on tracking document activity at the Archive level, click here.

Form more information on tracking activity at the Document level, click here


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