Portal Caching and and up.


  • Portal caching introduced for GlobalAction Engine. New key now available to cache api calls for portal information. Value is in seconds.
  • Configuration
  • Add the following line to C:\GetSmart\ActionServices\GlobalAction_1\Square9.GlobalAction.exe.config
  • <add key="PortalTimeout" value="900"></add>
  • Restart the service.

MaxWaitLimit and MaxReadyLimit and 2.1.2.x

  • An enhancement to allow limitations for GlobalAction tasks including wait and ready.  Engine will not run more than allowed amount of processes per sweep.  This enhancement improves performance for high volume GlobalAction workflow consumers.


  • Add the following keys to C:\GetSmart\Square9.GlobalAction.exe.config in the <appSettings> section and adjust the value to the number of processes to execute per sweep
    • <add key="MaxWaitLimit" value="15"></add>
    • <add key="MaxReadyLimit" value="15"></add>
  • A restart of the GlobalAction service is required after making changes to the configuration file.
  • Both values refer to number of processing being worked on. Wait limit doesn't refer to time. and 2.2.x

  • This file is located is a different location because the Global Action has a different engine in 2.2.x and up.
  • C:\GetSmart\ActionServices\GlobalAction_1\Square9.GlobalAction.exe.config

TLS 1.2 enforcement in GlobalAction and up.


  • If enabling TLS 1.2 enforcement please note that SQL Server 2012 and lower do NOT support the disablement of TLS 1.0 or lower. Please upgrade your SQL Server if necessary.

  • Add the following line to C:\GetSmart\Square9.GlobalAction.exe.config
  • <add key="EnforceTLS12" value="True"></add> and up.

  • Add the following line to C:\GetSmart\ActionServices\GlobalAction_1\Square9.GlobalAction.exe.config
  • <add key="EnforceTLS12" value="True"></add>

Field Caching and up.

Allows field data to be cached in memory to avoid polling of an API. If the Engine encounters a scenario where it is interacting with a field it does not have stored in memory it will reach out to the API to get the information and then cache it. Doing this can increase performance and eliminate the back and forth to the API.

  • Add the following line to C:\GetSmart\ActionServices\GlobalAction_1\Square9.GlobalAction.exe.config

  • <add key="FieldTimeout" value="720"></add>

  • The timeout value is in minutes, so 720 minutes = 12 hours

  • The GlobalAction service needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.