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The This guide provides the steps necessary for migrating your GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture installation to a new server. It is strongly recommended that this guide is reviewed in its entirety before beginning the migration process. Failure to follow these steps accurately may result in an unusable/broken GlobalSearch or GlobalCapture installation.


  • If performing an upgrade with your migration, you do not need to fully upgrade GlobalSearch or GlobalCapture installation on the old server. By following these steps, the installer will upgrade your databases to the latest version during the installation process. However, it is recommended that the old server is upgraded to at least version 4.1.1 before beginning.
  • For example, you upgrade to 4.1.1. If you do not upgrade the old server to the newest version then you can still migrate 4.1.1 to 4.1.1 on the new server. Then update to the latest version.
  • There are some steps that which cannot be performed without the assistance of a Square 9 technician, such as transferring registration and making manual changes to SQL databases. If you need to do this as a part of your migration, please submit a support ticket at www.square-9.com/support for assistance.
  • Plan your downtime. GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture should be considered unusable once this process is started. Do not resume normal production until the migration process is complete. It is generally recommended that at least 2 hours of downtime is scheduled, though your actual completion time may vary. Migration time varies widely from system to system, and it will depend on factors such as database size, number of records, and the speeds of the new and old server.
  • Due to the nature of custom scripting, any custom scripting may be lost during migration if special care is not taken. If you have custom scripting set up by Square 9 Professional Services, contact Square 9 Support before beginning the migration process.


Before you begin the migration process, the following steps will need to be taken.

  1. Fully back up your Globalsearch GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture installation. Details: Back Up GlobalSearch
  2. Confirm that the destination server meets the GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture hardware requirements. Details: Infrastructure and Hardware Requirements
  3. If you are currently using GlobalSearch 4.1.0 or older, it is recommended that the old server is upgraded to at least version 4.1.1.
    • Upgrading the old server to GlobalSearch 4.5.2 with GlobalCapture 2.1.1 (or later) will allow you to migrate your workflows and batch history using the Workflow Migration tool. If upgrading the old server to the latest version, confirm that the old server meets the hardware requirements before upgrading. Details: Upgrade to GlobalSearch v4.5
  4. Download and extract your GlobalSearch Installation Media to the new server. For media and registration serials, please email Square 9 Fulfillment at fulfillment@square-9.com.


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