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How-To Articles are comprehensive guides on modifying GloablSearch, GlobalCapture or GlobalForms products to suit specific needs or fix specific problems. How-To articles follow standard Square 9 Support procedure and may be attempted by trained resellers and clients. If you feel you have followed the steps in the guide but still feel stuck, please do not hesitate to contact Square 9 Support for further assistance.

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How To Change The GlobalCapture Engine's TimeoutPatrick HylandMar 09, 2018
How To Manually Convert Capture Workflows into GlobalCapture WorkflowsPatrick HylandMar 07, 2018
How To Perform A GlobalSearch SSL Switch-overPatrick HylandFeb 23, 2018
How To Perform A Frevvo Forms SSL Switch-overPatrick HylandFeb 22, 2018
How-To Update Frevvo FormsPatrick HylandFeb 20, 2018
Setting Up an SMTP Relay For Mail TestingPatrick HylandFeb 14, 2018
How To Recreate GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture ServicesPatrick HylandFeb 12, 2018
How To Resecure Users to a SQL Database or ServerPatrick HylandFeb 08, 2018
How-To Toggle Document Color In GlobalSearch WebPatrick HylandFeb 01, 2018
How To Add & Configure COM PermissionsPatrick HylandJan 31, 2018
How To Restrict Mongo To Only Accept Local ConnectionsPatrick HylandJan 24, 2018
How To Configure GlobalCapture As A Local System ServicePatrick HylandJan 24, 2018
How To Configure External Document Links Sent From Email NodesPatrick HylandJan 12, 2018
How To Clear Local User Temp FilesPatrick HylandJan 12, 2018
Configuring Import Data And Docs With XMLPatrick HylandDec 08, 2017
How To Install Microsoft Access Engine ODBC ConnectorPatrick HylandNov 17, 2017
Shrinking Database SizeDan TascherNov 17, 2017
Changing the Upload Limit of GlobalSearch WebPatrick HylandNov 16, 2017
How To Configure Konica-Minolta bEST Connector To Use Automatic AuthenticationPatrick HylandNov 16, 2017
How To Identify And Defragment Fragmented SQL IndexesPatrick HylandNov 16, 2017

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