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titlePlease Be Advised

If you're using local/workgroup authentication, do not perform the above steps. It WILL break your install and will likely result in the need to repair the system.


I'm seeing things move very slowly after an upgrade


There's a chance that the upgrade scripts couldn't run on the database during the upgrade. Running these after the upgrade is a good way to alleviate some common performance issues.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
    1. Take backups of your production databases as well as your SSMaster database
  2. Open your getsmart directory on your server and load the SSMasterUpgrader.sql script into a new query window in SSMS and run it.
  3. Once that completes, open the UpgradeScript.sql file into a new query window
    1. At the top of the query, after USE, change the database name to your production database (IE - the database you see in SSMS)
    2. Run the script
      1. It is possible you'll see an error message related to docusign tracking - disregard this.If you see other errors, please reach out to Square 9 Support for assistance.
      2. This script can take a moment to run. To cut back on deadlocks, it's best to run this outside of normal production hours or during off-peak hours.
  4. Repeat step 3 for each of your production databases, if you have more than one.
    1. This script should NOT be run on any of the other system databases (IE - ssProcessing, Square9Users, ssMaster or ssCapture)


I'm seeing an authentication server error when trying to log into GlobalSearch after an upgrade


There are many causes for authentication server errors after an upgrade. Most commonly, however, it has to do with the Auth Server being set improperly in a couple places.

If you are using local/workgroup authentication, your Authentication Server should be the name of your app server.

If you are using Active Directory domain authentication, your Authentication Server should be the name of your domain.

Please ensure the "AuthServer" (or "AuthenticationServer" in some places) is set properly to either the domain or server name (depending on your setup) in these locations:

  • YOURDRIVE:\inetpub\wwwroot\Square9API\web.config
  • YOURDRIVE:\inetpub\wwwroot\Square9REST\web.config
  • YOURDRIVE:\Getsmart\ssinterface.exe.config

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