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  1. Once the installation media has been downloaded, double-click on it to run the self-extractor.

  2. In the GlobalSearch Self-Extractor window, select the location you want the files to go in Select extraction path.
    The default location is C:\SSMedia\version. While not necessary, it is a good idea to put the ssfeatures.lic file into the SSMedia folder, so that it is easy to find in the future.

  3. Click OK to proceed with the extraction.
    This may take some time. If the extraction errors out, it is possible that the download has been corrupted. If so, it will need to be downloaded again. Once it has been extracted, proceed to the GlobalSearch installation.


Square 9 Installer

TUse Use the Square 9 Installer to upgrade first GlobalSearch and then GlobalCapture. After these upgrades, upgrade any GlobalSearch clients and GlobalCapture Engines. Note that the upgrade process requires a system reboot to complete.