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Import Data and Docs can be used to batch import several files with relevant Index Field data defined in either a CSV or an XML. Sometimes, it may be more convenient to use XML files instead of CSV’s.  However, in order for GlobalCapture to recognize the data, it has to follow a specific schema.

Import Data and Docs GlobalCapture Import

A standard Import Data and Docs with XML has a very simple XML format. This XML will be picked up from a hotfolder, and will look for physical files as specified in the XML. Ensure that the App Pool user has access to the repository or directory where the files live. A new batch will be created for the import and the import will follow the workflow process after importing. This is the most common and easiest-to-configure method of importing.

Code Block
			<DocFile FileLoc="C:\GetSmart\Import\Document1.txt"/>
				<Field Name="Status" value="Processing" />
				<Field Name="Other Field" value="Value1" />

Direct XML Import

XML can be imported directyly through the processing folder by dropping the XML into the Processing Folder in Getsmart. This will do a direct import, bypassing the Engine. No workflow needs to be constructed for this type of import. This is a faster, more efficient method for importing bulk data, but no batch data will be created and errors will cause the entire XML to import incorrectly. This is not recommended for most instances.

The XML will have to be formatted slightly differently than the normal Import Data and Docs using GlobalCapture.

Below is an example of such an XML file: