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titleA Note of Licensing

GlobalCapture and GlobalSearch have separate licensing files, and separate serial codes. Please be aware that improper licensing may break your software. If you have any questions about your license codes, please contact Square 9 Support.


Additional Considerations

In some cases, you may have issues related to Web Registration that are directly related to misconfigured pointers in  your ssSystem table within the SSMaster database.  It is recommended you verify the path to the registration server and locations defined within.

The path to the registration website is:

There are several references to the location of the GetSmart, Square9Rest and Square9API websites.  If those are not properly configured, your product may not properly register.

GlobalCapture Web & Seat Licensing

Like GlobalSearch, GlobalCapture has an ssFeatures.lic file as well. This file is comprised of two parts - a file for GlobalCapture Engine (GCE) and a file for GlobalCapture Server (GCW). During registration, these two files are merged into one ssFeatures file located in the CaptureAPI Web Directory in wwwroot.