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This Batch script is used to install the services in case they weren’t installed correctly. This can be run as a .bat file or as single command line items, though if you choose to run these in CMD ensure you delete the additional backslashes (used for escaping in a .bat file.)

Please note that you will have to adjust these scripts as necessary depending on drive letter or engine number.

To Use:

The script has all the services so only run what you need from this script and remove what you don’t.

sc create MongoDB binPath= "\"C:\GetSmart\MongoDB\bin\mongod.exe\" --config \"C:\getsmart\mongod.cfg\" --service" start=auto
sc create ssBatchPortal binPath= "\"C:\Getsmart\BatchPortal\ssBatchPortal.exe\" -service" start=auto depend="MongoDB"
sc create ssLicenseClean binPath= "\"C:\GetSmart\ssLicenseClean.exe\" -service" start=auto
sc create ssCaptureManager binPath= "\"C:\GetSmart\ssCaptureManager.exe\" -service" start=auto ***
sc create GlobalCapture_[EngineNumberHere] binPath= "\"C:\GetSmart\CaptureServices\GlobalCapture_1\Square9.GlobalCapture.exe\" -service" start=auto depend="MongoDB" 
sc create Square9.GlobalAction binPath= "\"C:\GetSmart\Square9.GlobalAction.exe\" -service" start=auto depend="MongoDB"
sc create ssContentIndex binPath= "\"C:\GetSmart\ssContentIndex.exe\" -service" start=auto
sc create ssDocWFManager binPath= "\"C:\GetSmart\ssDocWFManager.exe\" -service" start=auto
sc create ssImpEngine binPath= "\"C:\GetSmart\SSIMPORTERWS.exe\" -service" start=auto

*** Only necessary on GlobalSearch versions prior to 4.4.X.X

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