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GlobalAction initiator searches are built and configured much like other searches, however, their function is very different from searches that are meant to actually return documents for client use. 

Here are some best practices for GA Initiator Searches.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Secure your Searches
    1. Most users do not need to have access to GA Searches. This should be considered an administrative function.
  2. Use Flags
    1. Flags are most commonly statuses, such as "New" or "Pending." You'll almost always want to include some sort of status flag.
    2. You'll want to use Flags in ADDITION to your normal search parameters. For instance, if you want to have a GA fire off when a certain invoice threshold is attained, you should also be stipulating a status flag such as "Waiting Level 2 Approval."
    3. Having an easily visible flag can also help users understand where in the workflow the document is/should be.
    4. Once a document enters the flow, the flag should immediately be changed. In the event the workflow fails or errors, this will prohibit the document from entering the workflow over again without user input.
  3. Utilize Complex Logic where applicable
    1. GA Searches can utilize complex logic (nested and/or statements) which can return very specific documents for very specific workflow
    2. It's worth noting that in most cases, however, simple logic will return documents properly.
  4. Preface your GA Searches
    1. In environments with a lot of GA Workflows, finding those Searches may be difficult. Square 9 Professional Service's best practice recommendation is to preface all GA initiator searches with "GA -" so they can be easily identified and edited.
  5. Do not edit searches without unpublishing workflows first
    1. During testing of GA Searches, unpublish your workflow. Changing the search parameters can lead to unexpected results. 
  6. Do not edit workflows while there are batch running through the workflow.  
    1. Unpublish the workflow and let all processes finish and then edit the workflow or create an unpublished copy and make changes on that one and put it into production afterwards

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