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This release update addresses an issue in File XChange when attempting to save changes to Excel files.  After opening an Excel document from File XChange and clicking save, users will see an error stating "Changes to file <file name> could not be saved because of a sharing violation."  This issue only happens with Excel documents.

Run the installer on the GlobalSearch server.  This will require a shutdown of the GlobalAction engine.  Any File XChange users looking to correct this issue will need to turn off the File XChange feature in the Extensions Manager, wait 60 seconds, and then turn the feature back on.  This will ensure the local version of File XChange is correctly updated.  Refer to the GlobalSearch Extensions documentation for details on toggling File XChange off and on.

Update Details

Files Affected: Square9.FileXChange.exe

Reboot Required: No. 

Special Notes: Users are required to clear their browser cache to ensure updated files from previous updates are loaded.  File XChange must be toggled off and on to see the change.

Release Date: 11/08/2017